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What are the types of TV mounts, and how to buy them

After the appearance of the TV Rack, by a lot of consumers and recognition, so sales are also very much. Because televisions are hung on walls or in places where they are needed, it is more convenient to watch them, so there are now many types of TV hangers on the market, and the television can be placed in different places, different occasions, so this can also meet the needs of consumers, then we will introduce for you about the type of TV hanger what are the relevant issues?

Brief introduction of TV Rack

1, the television rack is specially for, the flat panel television, the LCD television, the machine hangs in the wall but develops the television peripheral equipment. It applies to the family, living room, bedroom, office, conference hall, exhibition hall, hotel, airport, railway station, hospital, bus station, shopping square and other places.

2. At present, according to the Zhongguancun Online, computer home website, World Wide, home appliances, network brand list, along with, music and song, such as the fierce competition of TV hanging frame business, TV hanging frame has derived from the common fixed wall function such as tilt angle adjustment, multi-surface rotation, horizontal fine adjustment and other functions. More and more users like it.

In recent years, the quality of flat panel TV hangers is not uniform, more and more consumers choose the wall-mounted installation, but then various installation problems also began to surface. No standard design, installation is not standard, poor material quality of the hanger has become a family hidden trouble.

How to choose and buy a TV rack

The first is to see how many inches your TV is, and then select the appropriate range of TV racks.

The second is to see how much weight LCD TV, and then look at the load-bearing range of TV pylon, whether to meet the requirements.

The third and fourth look at the hole behind the TV set, length and width is how many times how many 400 mm * 400 mm; 400 mm * 200 mm and so on, and then look at the shelf VISA hole range, whether to meet.

The above we introduce is the television rack, what kind of relevant issues? For this aspect we should have some understanding, we know that since the launch of the TV Rack, has been convenient for our needs. We can hang our TVS wherever we want, so the advent of TV hangers has made our lives easier. So, what are the kinds of tv stands? We also introduced some of them. We can choose different tv stands according to our needs.

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